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UXandHello 👋 is a series of real-life and online design events based in Vilnius, Lithuania that aims to bring together a strong community of designers to share their knowledge and experience. Events include weekly meetups and practical workshops moderated by veteran designers from world-class companies. It is an opportunity for entry-level designers to learn about the best UX practices from experienced professionals.


It's been an exciting journey so far with our events and meetups! We've had the privilege of bringing together a fantastic community of designers and we've seen some amazing results. Here are a few fun facts for you 👀

  • 12 weeks of events
  • 700+ attendees
  • 13 speakers and mentors
  • 50+ workshop certifications
  • 5 Twitch streams
  • 500+ viewers

Nice moments


Contact us a if you'd like to join our team as a speaker 😉

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For Students

Register here. Drop a message about yourself and tell us more about your motivation to participate in UX and Hello workshop, briefly present your design project idea. We will contact you personally with more details. Please note that there are only 12 slots available.
It is completely free. Registration is currently closed.